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I Love You

12″ x 18″ Poster on durable mat paper with black mat frame.
Share the new model of love with someone or with yourself, without expectation, attachment, or aversion.  Heart Soul Circle and text by Rita Roberts.

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Show your student your sincere wish for them to live the life their truest calling!

Even while you’re not meditating, know that the Circle carries energy with it — you don’t have to attend to every detail, let the Circle do some of the work for you. Choose ease.


The goal of the Soul Circle is to guide you, your choices, actions, beliefs and feelings about yourself to being more truthful. In other words, to integrate the you which operates in the world with your soul and all the gifts which are unique to you but might be buried beneath a thin layer or a giant mountain of faulty information.

If it’s an outer goal you’re working toward, the Circle still tend to address the inner condition. We have to become the person who would have that external thing or situation — job, money, health, achievement, etc.

Once you receive your circle, your part is to dedicate yourself to meditating with it.

Use your Soul Circle to start your meditations or for the entire session, whichever feels right to you. I recommend at least 20 minutes twice a day, but one hour sessions are better, even longer still if you feel called to stay in that state.

Focus on the Circle, allow any thoughts or feelings to come up, just note what they are, you’ll feel it if it’s significant and coming from a greater knowing. Keep your eyes open for as long as you wish. If your mind wanders while your eyes are closed, use a mental image of your Circle to bring the mind back to a quiet state.

12″ x 12″ Soul Circle Prints


Framed and Printed on Premium Luster Photo Paper
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Prepare to Be Undone Print


Cover Art for
What it Means to Serve
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